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Digital marketing has taken the world by storm. Everyone today wants a job that offers the best work opportunities and a quality pay. But what people don’t seem to understand, is that digital is a very demanding and an ever-evolving field. The one who values knowledge, the right kind of knowledge and is willing to truly learn digital marketing, will only become capable of succeeding. If you educate yourself well, sharpen your skills perfectly, then nothing can stop you from getting your dream job. We are the first गुरुकुल of the digital knowldege, creating the digital experts of tomorrow by giving them quality education and exposure.

360 Degree Digital

सात दिन, Degree In!

360 degree digital is a 7-day crash course where our digital experts will take you through all the fundamentals of digital marketing and help you gain a good grasp on its core concepts. This will allow you to learn digital marketing in a fast-paced setting, along with exploring various career opportunities and getting expert guidance.

Search EngineOptimization (SEO)

रिश्ते में तो ये हमारे बाप लगते हैं!

SEO is the बाप of all discoveries in the digital marketing landscape.With our Advanced SEO training course, we will train you on crucial and pivotal SEO concepts such as Keyword research, Competitor analysis, On-page, Off-page optimization. As you learn at the best institute for digital marketing, we will help you master all these things so that you will one day be able to produce SEO results that will stun everyone!

Social Media Marketing

भगवान का दिया हुआ सब कुछ है… दौलत है, शोहरत है, इज़्ज़त है…बस अच्छी strategy चाहिए!

Social media marketing runs on one thing… Strategy! A good strategy wins you a loyal followership and can generate tons of business. SMM has the power to make or break brands in seconds. As a leading digital marketing institute in Pune will help you transform your social game and make you a guru of SMM. Our experts will teach you how to ace the social game on various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and much more!

Search Engine Marketing

SEO was the अंडा!आओ सिखाए तुम्हे SEM का फंडा!

SEM lead us to discover a great many things. With the use of creative tactics and unique Fun-das, its truly a one of its kind. From PPC to Keywords bidding, our experts train on you each and every law defined for SEM, and help you sharpen your marketing practice with a totally practical approach. At DKF, you will undergo a rigorous digital marketing training in Pune as we will teach you how to achieve optimum performance on your paid marketing campaigns and set new standards in your respective domains.

Content Marketing

दिल में तुम अपनी कहानियां लेके चल रहे हो, तो जिंदा हो तुम!

You don’t need to a be great writer to be a content marketer. Great marketing content comes from a rich thought process, and extensive research. Language is always secondary. It’s a tool you use to convey your ideas. As a leading digital marketing institute in Pune, our Content experts will teach you how to develop an effective ideation process and how to acquire accurate and quality information for your writing pieces. We will then help you how use the language in the most impactful way to create catchy copy lines & mind-blowing content pieces.

Email Marketing

कबूतर जा जा जा, चिट्ठी साजन को दे आ!चिट्ठी खुलेगी नहीं, तो प्यार आगे कैसे बढ़ेगा?

Email marketing is truly driven by a smart strategy and eye-opening content. Generic approaches will only lead you to rejections. Our email marketing experts will teach you how to empower your marketing campaigns and amp-up your customer engagement game. Learn how to personalize your emails with rich content and graphics, along with strategizing audience reach with our comprehensive Email Marketing course.

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We aim to train every professional to become a digital celebrity in their own domain and achieve maximum success in their careers.

  • An agency turned school
  • Practical & fast paced learning
  • Exposure to highly acclaimed projects
  • 19+ years of experience
  • Active relationships with 950+ clients
  • IKF is one of the top reputed Digital Marketing Agency in India.
  • On-field experiences
  • Theory + Practical + Interactive learning
  • Interaction sessions with successful entrepreneurs

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