5 benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing

benefits of digital marketing

Traditional marketing has been around us since the dawn of marketing and will continue to exist for generations to come. It’s simple, easy-to-implement for marketers and comprises only a handful of mediums. Why does digital take the lead in this race, even when traditional marketing is relatable to a wider audience and less complex? Why are people so eager to go for a digital marketing course?

Digital creates a memorable experience

Digital creates a better experience for both the consumer and the marketer. Let’s take ROI for example. A marketer’s biggest concern is tracking on how much revenue every advertisement is generating… and that’s just impossible with traditional means. Digital changes the game entirely as everything is trackable online which makes it super easy to quantify every metric. When a consumer engages with an ad, the more personal the ad is, the better is the experience. Creating a personalized experience with traditional means has a lot of barriers. But digital opens up all kinds of doors to personalize ad content to an extent a consumer can’t even think of! This is what keeps the consumer hooked onto an ad, and compels him/her to take an action.

Marketers get to communicate more effectively; consumers get to respond!

Experience matters a lot. And digital is revolutionizing the way marketers engage with the consumer. Digital has enabled a 2-way channel for consumer and marketers to communicate with each other, unlike traditional means where only the marketer gets to talk to the consumers. This is an enriching experience as the consumer feels he/she is more significant in the process, and the marketer gets to target the consumer in a highly effective way.

marketers communication

That being said, here are 5 direct benefits of digital marketing

1. Less cost:

Traditional channels like newspaper ads, TV ads and radio ads cost a lot as the number of options and media space is limited. So the bidding wars and ad runs can end up costing a lot! Digital, on the other hand, is a space where there are no physical constraints like limited ad slots or media options. Therefore, its much cheaper to run ads on digital platforms.

2. Real-time updates (trackable results):

Every action is accounted for, every reaction can be recorded and every detail can be analysed. Digital platforms enable marketers to track and monitor the performance of their ads in real-time and make ad-hoc adjustments to their campaigns in case if something doesn’t work.

3. Better engagement:

From customized mobile ads to targeted emailers, digital marketing allows marketers to create a unique world of personalized ads as per every individual’s taste so that the reaction is more positive and the probability of conversion is more.

4. Quick:

Just click the button and your ads are everywhere! On digital platforms, everything happens instantly. As soon as you publish something on a platform, people can start viewing it right then and can spread it very quickly from one platform to another.

5. Easy setup:

Setting up a digital marketing arm for any brand is quite easy. The pre-requisites for digital marketing operations don’t require a heavy investment and the setup can be done in no time. All you need is a basic creative team and a digital team who will handle the performance and ad postings.

marketers communication

Traditional marketing has taught us a lot… and its time we learn digital marketing to put all that knowledge to good use in our digital strategies. Traditional will always be a great source of inspiration as it has inspired some of the greatest digital campaigns we have come across. It won’t cease to exist as even today, it perfectly supplements our digital strategies.

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