Don’t just sell… win hearts with Social Media Marketing!

social media marketing

What is the difference between getting attention and winning hearts? When you create a website, boost your SEO rankings and do SEM, you are just buying your share of space in the digital world and are creating some visibility for your brand. You’re creating a way for people to notice you, approach you and remember you. That’s great! But what about swaying your potential customers and winning their hearts? Is there a way to do that?

Social media marketing- The way to win hearts!

This is where social media marketing comes in. In the world of social media, you don’t buy your space, you earn it. As all social media sites are free, anyone or any brand can create a profile and start posting their content. But posting content just for the sake of it won’t get you anywhere. You need a social media strategy. Every popular brand, celebrity or public figure you see on social media, are thriving only because of their powerful content strategies.

You’re just a needle in a haystack gold stack

Keeping in mind the sheer vastness of social media, creating a presence on social media sites feels like being a needle in a haystack. You’re surely surrounded by a large stack of people… but all these people are your potential customers! These people are continuously looking for interesting and inspiring content to engage with. If people love something, they’ll make sure that everyone else sees it. That’s the power of social media. Your ads/posts can instantly turn into blockbusters and spread across the digital world in no time if they’re genuinely impactful and engaging.

At the speed of social media!

That’s the measure of speed in the social media world. When your brand starts growing at this speed, that means you have truly won the hearts of digital consumers. To grow at this speed, you need to start engaging with people on social media right away.

Here are 5 effective ways you can engage with people on social media

1. Experimental Content:

Social media is a great avenue for unleashing your creative skills in terms of copy and visualization. It is a core part of any digital marketing course. People really appreciate unique and inspiring content they come across. You can create a variety of trivia content, informative posts or engagement content where you can prompt people to react or respond to in a certain fashion.

2. Create Trends:

Social content is typically inspired by the society around us. When you have an idea that perfectly captures the sentiments around a specific thought or idea in the society, you can go a step further and create ads that give off a subtle valuable message to people, in addition to marketing your brand. You can start a #HashTag in relation to that trend, so that people can track all the activity related to that trend, back to your social media account.

3. 2-way Communication:

This is one of the most beautiful aspects of social media. Social media opens up a 2-way channel for consumer and marketers to communicate with each other, where both parties can react and respond to any particular content, as per their sentiments in real-time. This is an enriching experience as the consumer feels he/she is more significant in the process, and the marketer gets to target the consumer in a highly effective way.

4. Interactive Ads:

Recently, social media sites like Instagram have introduced a feature called Interactive Ads. This is how you get to create sponsored ads and turn them into an interactive experience, where consumers can tap on various places in the ads and disclose hidden information. For eg: If you have an ad for clothes, you can customize the ad in a way such that people can click on various clothing articles and learn about the price, and directly go to the purchase portal from there in just one click. You can learn this by taking up a social media marketing training course.

interactive ads

5. Engage with Communities:

Communities are an integral part of social media. Every community has a certain belief, a cause or an idea behind it. Communities can help brands gain major recognition, as they can help your content get viral overnight amongst a large number of people. Following various communities can also help you identify new potential consumers for your brand.

Social media is a wonder of its own in the digital world. Creating the right strategy can make you or your brand soar the skies in the digital world. Some of the most successful campaigns on social media are organic i.e. Unpaid. These campaigns have earned their place just by the power of their content and strategy. You too can become a master at this by taking up Social Media Marketing courses .

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