Drive Successful Marketing Campaigns By Learning Email Marketing!

Drive Successful Marketing Campaigns

The idea of digitalization has flourished across industries based on a single goal… personalization! Digital marketing has fostered an environment where marketers are focused on personalizing ad campaigns as per target demographics, culture and communities. This game of personalization has sensationalized the use of platforms like social media, search engines and text messaging, as most brands are funnelling millions to up their game on these platforms. But the one platform that invented the idea of personalized marketing is being treated as a secondary platform and has long lost the digital limelight… Email Marketing!

Email Marketing- Personalization at its best!

Email is the first form of communication that showed us the potential of personalized marketing, without having any constraints like mainstream digital platforms do. No word limits, no format restrictions and no visibility issues. Today, email is the simplest form of communication that is easily accessible and understandable by everyone, and offers the maximum scope of personalization. An email sent can be read by a user as per his/her own convenience, offering high engagement opportunities for brands. More than 90% of adults using a digital device regularly read emails. Emails can direct users to take certain actions, and make it more compelling to respond to CTAs, as emails have the potential to explain things more elaborately.

Email is effective for any type of campaign

Email is not forgotten by users, even though it might be forgotten by marketers. A well-crafted email can create more impact than any social media campaign or a PPC campaign, as emails have the capability to sound highly purposeful, meaningful and valuable for a user. Along with popular digital courses like social media marketing courses, email marketing courses are also very important. That being said, let’s take a look at how powerful and advantageous email marketing can be in today’s time.

email is effective for any type of campaion

Here are 5 advantages of using email marketing as your primary marketing channel:

1. Fully automated:

Emails can be templatized as per various target audiences and agendas, and can be scheduled for sending as per custom criteria. This way, emails can be auto-generated via computers for ad-hoc purposes, and can be sent to selected people based on their specific activities or responses. Most email marketing training courses cover this topic.

2. Cost effective:

How much ROI can one expect on every one rupee spent? Certainly not as much as email marketing can offer. Sending email is still the cheapest communication platform as it only requires a small investment in email marketing tools. As per a recent study, email marketing campaigns can offer up to 122 % of ROI.

3. Effective for lead generation:

Emails can be sent in high volumes to multiple prospects in one day, which increases a marketer’s chances of getting responses. What’s more, emails have proved to be more effective in acquiring new customers than any mainstream digital platforms, as emails can offer complete clarity about a product/service right there and then, without the user having to look anywhere else.

4. Influence consumer behaviour:

Social media platforms are great when it comes to driving consumers towards certain impulsive purchases [ Food, fashion etc.] But when it comes to creating interest in a product that requires prior planning [planned purchases], an email can do wonders in convincing and educating audiences about the product and its benefits..

influence customer behavior

5. Trackable insights:

Just like other digital platforms, emails are trackable too. But emails offer more insights than you think. With advanced tools, you get quantifiable data like how many of your emails have been opened, how many links inside the emails have been clicked and how many of them have gone to spam!

Emails are known to drive more sales than you can ever imagine. It’s only because of the rapid-paced rise of other digital platforms, that emails are often ignored and used as a secondary channel. You can accomplish the biggest of lead generation and sales challenges with simple emails campaigns, if you do it right with a good email marketing strategy. And for that, you need to treat email marketing courses with the same importance as you treat other courses, when you learn digital marketing.

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