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As a medical professional, your trust and reliability factors are what keeps you relevant in the industry. Building your identity takes a lot of time and patience, as you go from one patient to a hundred and eventually, to a thousand patients.

These people are building a general consensus about your service, that will keep attracting more patients for you. Handing out business cards, asking for referrals and running newspaper advertisements can do only so much for your brand. It’s all in the hands of people who talk about you, share their experiences with each other and eventually become your biggest advocates. That’s where brand building happens in the most natural and effective way. You need to have a continuous presence amongst people to listen and influence them.

Digital presence is the key to natural brand building

The world has adapted to a digital-first lifestyle. From searching for a product/service to communicating with someone special, it all happens online. According to research, approx. 3.5 billion searches happen on Google every day. When people are looking for a new doctor, they go online to search for the nearest doctor. When they are looking for suggestions or referrals from their friends, they go to online forums and discussion threads like Quora, to get recommendations on doctors.

In the physical world, there is no way to put yourself amongst different people and understand how their needs and demands are evolving. But digital allows you to do just that, and much more! As you learn digital marketing, you will explore how digital platforms offer you a versatile array of options to establish your presence in creative ways and plant your ideas in people’s minds. Tap right into people’s thoughts, different mindsets and cultural beliefs to truly position yourself as a reputed medical professional.

Here are 5 impactful ways of using digital marketing for medical professionals

1. Social Media:

This is where new trends appear first. This is where people communicate the most. This is where brands witness the most growth. Social media allows you to engage with individuals and communities of diverse backgrounds, and understand how people perceive and react to various healthcare topics. You can start talking about yourself and influence people in your networks, by posting informative or engaging content like medical tips, insightful bites or videos. This will allow to sway your audience and compel them to use your services.

2. Search Engine Optimization:

Online search is where the actual search begins in today’s time. If you have visibility on search engines, that means you exist. Otherwise, you don’t. Your website can be optimized to appear on search engine pages as per specific criteria. For eg., if you have a practice in Mumbai, you can target your website to appear for people who search only from Mumbai. You can make this more and more specific by making the targeting hyperlocal or by targeting a specific age group.

3. Email:

Email is one of the most personalized forms of communication. People always respond to content that is made for them and offers something valuable or insightful. Email marketing can be used to send out health awareness emailers or service-specific emailers, which in turn, help you market your brand.

4. Content Marketing:

As a medical professional, you always stay on top of every technological advancement in your field. Why not talk about it? Content marketing allows you to publish expert articles on things that interest you so that people can see you as a person of authority on that subject, and become dependent on your opinions and recommendations.

5. Video:

Video has become the most powerful and profitable medium for brands to communicate their message. You can make animated videos that have the power to explain complex medical topics with simple and eye-catching visuals or live-action video blogs that can make ordinary content [medical/ health tips] more interesting to digest. Videos can be shared across all digital platforms and are known to attract maximum online traffic.

The above 5 ways will help you build a strong presence amongst the people of today… The digital people. This is where you will earn their trust and get the best of opportunities for your career. But to correctly implement all of this, one must learn it and master it before even thinking of stepping into the digital world. You need to go through proper training that will help you understand the concept behind every digital marketing platform/medium and teach you how to implement and execute your ideas in the most effective way. You can also go for a specific course, like a search engine optimization course, if you don’t want to learn everything at once.

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