How to Evaluate your Digital Marketing Institute?

How to evaluate your digital marketing institute

Digital marketing is taking every industry by storm. It is strongly encouraging people to take up various courses and compelling them to pursue a career in digital. If it’s blowing your mind away too and is making you excited to study digital marketing, you may want to start searching for suitable digital marketing institutes. But what makes a digital marketing institute suitable for you?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you want to opt for an integrated digital marketing course or go for a very specific course, like SEO. You can start searching for institutes as per your requirements and criteria so that you come across only those institutes that can be suitable for you. Then you can start reviewing every institute one by one to deem it worthy of joining. In order to do that correctly, you need to evaluate the institute on various critical parameters, so that you can get a sense of what you can expect from it.

Here are 6 important parameters to keep in mind while evaluating a training institute

1. Learn about the trainer(s):

Once you get to know your trainer(s) through personal meets or through the website, try and find out more about them via their LinkedIn pages and through people who have previously enrolled in their courses. This will give you an idea about the trainer’s skillsets, knowledge base and marketing acumen.

2. Certifications:

Most institutes offer certification after the completion of the course. Find out what all certifications the institute is offering. Keep in mind, certifications for platforms like Facebook or Google Ads course can happen only after passing the dedicated exam. So you can find whether your institute offers any assistance/coaching for those particular exams.

3. Batch Time:

If you are studying or working at the moment, you might want to consider a batch that operates on the weekends or probably later in the evening. Ask the institute for the entire schedule of the course. This shall include all the batches and cohorts they are planning to start for that particular course.

4. Curriculum:

Ask the institute for detailed curriculum and check out the topics and concepts you will learn in your course. This will enable you to compare various institutes based on the amount of content covered for the amount they are charging

5. Testimonials/reviews:

Check out the testimonials and reviews posted by ex-students and parents of those students. This is extremely important in evaluating the institute for its effectiveness and the experience it provides for its students.

6. Digital Branding:

As an institute that positions itself as an expert on digital marketing, it would behoove them to keep their own digital game strong. Check out the institutes' various social media pages and google rankings for various generic keywords to see how strong their own digital marketing is, and get an idea whether the institute will be worth your money and time.

These guidelines or parameters will definitely help you scout out the best digital marketing institutes out there for you. If you are willing to succeed and learn from the best, you shall opt only for the best.

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