Importance of learning digital marketing for e-commerce marketers

people attitude toward ecommerce

In a time where physical stores are successfully marketing themselves on all possible digital platforms, imagine how well an e-commerce website can do on those same platforms… A lot better and a lot more! E-commerce website is completely digital product that can be integrated with so many existing advertising platforms and tools, that can make it very easy to market and sell every item on the e-commerce website.

People’s attitude towards E-commerce

People these days are highly dependent on online shopping, as the experience has evolved dramatically in terms of product variety, UX/UI experience, delivery experience and customer support experience. These factors have created a very promising ecosystem for business owners to run and setup e-commerce sites.

Creating dependency requires strong marketing

Even though people are dependent on online shopping, it takes a strong awareness to make them dependent on it. People need to know that the product they are interested in or are thinking about, is available on an e-commerce website for a competitive price. Big e-commerce players like Zomato or Myntra, are successful in garnering attention as they keep coming up with innovative strategies to communicate the same message to the audience, which is “The product you are looking for is available on our site at a great price!”

Learning digital marketing for e-commerce

As an e-commerce owner, it would behove you to leverage each and every digital marketing channel available in today’s time. This is because every channel helps you create leads in its own unique way and also establishes your brand’s presence in that specific channel. Let’s take SEO for example; Both Zomato and Swiggy are listed in the google rank index, as they are competing head-to-head to get the top spots. It’s obvious that one brand will be listed a rank or 2 above the other, but both will definitely get their own presence and leads as they have their own unique ways of marketing [communication]

digital channels

Every e-commerce brand, no matter how big or small, will always have its own USPs and ideas behind it. This makes every brand unique and distinct from its competitors! That being said, it’s best to educate yourself on every digital marketing channel from an e-commerce perspective, so that you can effectively craft unique marketing strategies for every platform, that work best for your e-commerce brand.

Must-learn digital channels to successfully market an e-commerce website

Every digital channel has the potential to generate massive revenue for your e-commerce site. But it is important to treat each differently and perhaps with a different mind-set. This is something expert e-commerce marketers know perfectly well… A skill that you can acquire as you learn digital marketing courses. That being said, let’s take a look at some must-learn digital channels to market e-commerce sites

1. Social Media Marketing:

Social media generates a huge revenue. This is where brands get the opportunity to influence people’s mind-sets, pop-culture and latest trends. It’s a 2-way instant communication platform where people get to interact with brands and brands get a chance to instil trust in people’s mind. From creating shoppable ads to creating linkable images & videos, social media has evolved dramatically over the years, providing one of the best experiences for e-commerce marketers.

2. Email Marketing:

Personalization plays a crucial role in e-commerce marketing. People are deeply moved when they see something that is completely designed for their consideration, and theirs only. Email is the most effective ways to send personalized newsletters and creatives to all types of users. With the availability of highly sophisticated email automation tools, marketers can strategize emails to be sent at different times, for different scenarios and to different target audiences. Most digital marketing courses cover email marketing training.

3. Content Marketing:

Content enables marketers to educate audiences or create awareness in a very informative manner. There are a variety of ways to create content like blogs, articles or video blogs. As a marketer, you can talk about topics that are related to a specific product of yours or a general topic that covers a wide range of products. Here’s a sample topic: “How to prepare for a birthday?” This type of content can cover a variety of products like candles, confetti and other party décor items. Your content can be shared across social media platforms or emails. They can even be posted on your website or reputed third party websites.

Another way of using the power of content is to optimize the content on your website. You can write interesting product descriptions, catchy headlines copies and taglines.

4. Search Engine Optimization:

Every shopping search starts at the search engine. This is where most brands get their leads and even customers. Having your website optimized for search engines is a must, as this is a type of marketing that works very much works in your favour. People come searching for various products online with unique search queries. If you strategize correctly and target your website for the right keywords [search queries], people will start seeing your website in top slots for those keywords. SEO training course is an important course offered by most digital institutes.


5. Search Engine Marketing:

SEM is another way to boost your website’s presence on search engines. SEM is paid advertising done on search engines to achieve instant visibility without any website optimization efforts.

6. PPC:

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a concept that is implemented when it comes to paid ads/sponsored in the digital world. It means that for every time a user clicks on the ad, the sponsor has to pay. This concept is applied throughout all search engines. Running paid ads is great for running ad-hoc campaigns for discounts, festivals and other special occasions, wherein you need a high number of leads in a short time.

It all begins with learning. Whether you work in an e-commerce company, are an entrepreneur or just have an e-commerce business idea, learning the right tactics for digital marketing will do justice to all your e-commerce marketing efforts.

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