Is it worth switching from engineering to digital marketing?

switching fromengineering to digital marketing

For most engineer graduates, finding job satisfaction remains a distant dream even after trying out multiple job opportunities. A few lucky graduates seem to find their passion in it… but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! Despite having the passion for analytical thinking and handling complex problem-solving scenarios, some keep slacking at their jobs while some even fail to find a decent steady employment. Switching from engineering is the only viable option.

Channelling the engineering passion into digital marketing

For engineers who aren’t sure about their future or are sceptical about their capabilities, it’s best to switch to a field where one can utilize their fundamental engineering skills and grow without any hindrances. Finding such a field would have been highly tricky 2 decades ago, but today it isn’t. Its right in front of you and all around you… its Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is the only industry in today’s time that has tremendous use for people with engineering-like skills and has the capability to offer such people a prosperous and satisfying career option.

Why digital marketing is a suitable option for ex-engineers?

Digital is all based on data, in one way or other. A digital marketer ideally needs to have a knack [or develop one] for analysing and evaluating situations based on graphs and sheets filled with numbers. You just need to have an inclination for out-of-the-box thinking and being creative with any work you do, whether it’s making sheets, doing research or filling reports. All the aforementioned qualities are present by default in any typical engineer, as one picks them up naturally during his/her engineering years. They are highly skilled in numbers and complex calculations as well. Engineers today are quite in demand for some of the most sought after digital marketing jobs in India.

Learn digital marketing to start your career on the right note!

Having an engineering mind-set makes you fit for a career in digital marketing. But not for a job. Digital marketing is a dynamic field with highly-skilled requirements in each segment. Every field within the industry has its own specific requirements in terms of skill-sets, tool knowledge and practical training. A specialized course would be highly recommended if you’d like to land a proper job with a proper salary.

That being said, let’s look at some upsides of switching to digital marketing from engineering;

1. Growing Industry:

Unlike engineering, that is a goldmine for some but a total waste of time for others, digital marketing has something valuable to offer for everyone. It’s the fastest growing billion-dollar industry in India with millions of new job opportunities each year. People committed to digital marketing will never stop to find newer and better opportunities.

2. Make the switch at any time:

Do you feel it’s not the right time for you to make the switch? Maybe it’s a little too early or maybe it’s too late! Well, you can start a career in digital marketing at time you like. Whether you’re in your diploma school, in your engineering school or already working as an engineer, you can make the switch as the industry is very accepting of people irrespective of the age.

3. Let your heart guide you:

Digital marketing is such a vast field that it enables you to find your true passion as you go from one job to another. You can start off with a specific course like a Facebook digital marketing course if you’re interested in networking with social media. You can then further explore and find your niche in specific platforms and tools, or in specific industries like FMCG, retail or healthcare. Unlike engineering, digital always keeps multiple doors open to explore something new, at all times.

4. Freelancing opportunities:

After a specialization course, like a search engine optimization course, you can fast become an expert in your field by gaining a little experience from reputed companies. This makes you trustworthy and eligible to earn as a freelancer in that field. The opportunities in digital marketing are abundant and most small-to-medium scale businesses prefer freelancers to work with them for digital marketing, as it works out to be cost-effective.

5. Learning never goes out-of-date:

Unlike engineering, where student curriculum is completely out-of-date in most institutes, you’ll get to study about the latest of trends in the digital field and learn only using the best of platforms. This is mainly because digital institutes offer the latest academic resources for both theoretical and practical training, as it is a fairly new industry and the resources are much easier to create, curate, share and manage. [All digital]

Still thinking about whether or not you should make the switch? Here’s a solution to that, check out any institute nearby your house and attend a demo lecture on digital marketing. Demo lectures are generally offered by institutes at free of charge, to enlighten individuals about the scope of digital marketing. This will surely give you some perspective as to how you can shape your career with digital marketing.

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