A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Learn Digital Marketing! (Updated 2020)

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The internet is the most accessible tool today for every individual. People are more connected than ever and more informed on various social and cultural issues, than they used to be. This gave rise to the popular phenomenon and thriving industry known today as Digital marketing. Every business is undergoing a digital transformation, every professional wants to be a digital expert and every student wants to learn from the best institute for digital marketing. The idea has become rooted in the very fabric of our lives, influencing our decisions, our choices and our mind-sets.

Why is this so? Is digital marketing truly a legitimate industry with viable career options?

Everyone knows what it means to be digital… having a Facebook account, a twitter account, staying active on LinkedIn and all the jazz. Yet most of us fail to acknowledge the fact that these platforms have evolved into something way more meaningful and impactful than just a hobby or a fun-time activity. Once you study a digital marketing course, you’ll understand that It’s become a playground for marketers where individuals are targeted for specific kind of ads, where brands form special bonds with their customers and where businesses can generate leads around the clock.

Your Guide for Digital Marketing

This will definitely take some time to process. And to make this process simpler, we have created a complete guide that will help you get a stronger grasp on the what, why and how of digital marketing. Follow the below given table of contents to review the entire guide systematically or review each topic individually.

What is Digital Marketing?

The term digital marketing is used to refer to any activity or a group of activities that uses a digital platform, like Facebook, to advertise to its potential customers. It all started with basic marketing communication strategies via emails, when the internet was all set to boom. Slowly, with the invention of social networking platforms and search engines, digital marketing started to take shape. A marketer can create a presence for his/her brand on any platform, either by promoting the brand organically [for free] or by using paid promotions that most social media sites and search engines offer today.

The Main Idea behind Digital Marketing:

Digital is a complete data-driven world with no physical barriers. Everything that happens, everything that is shared or posted, is available in the form of data. This is the basic idea that drives brands to embrace digital marketing channels, as everything is quantifiable and can be tracked or monitored 24x7. How much revenue is being generated from a specific ad, what is the most popular ad or how many times an ad has been seen by internet visitors… all these burning questions can now be easily answered by harnessing the power of digital platforms.

Digital Marketing as an Industry

With great power comes great opportunities. The power of digital marketing has enabled something that is truly a dream come true for all marketers…. Personalization! In the digital world, every individual, brand or business has an identity that can be quantified and recorded as per various parameters. This has enabled marketers to use this identity data and target people based on their interests, inclinations and activity patterns. The more data they have, the more personalized the ads are. Imagine you’re showing an ad for a very specific type/model of car to a very selected group of people, who would be interested in that model… now that’s bound to bring in some solid leads!

With this idea of personalization, email marketing took charge in the digital marketing landscape as the go-to platform for any brand. Then came the search engines that allowed marketers to influence the search experience of the users, via organic and paid methods. And finally, the social media platforms which dramatically changed the game by introducing the concept of “Viral Content”. Businesses found a way to emotionally connect with audiences by tapping into the hottest cultural trends, to create eye-catching ads and make their brand image go viral. Apart from this, brands also use video-only platforms like YouTube and TikTok, to run ads as well.

This is how the industry runs! Each day, brands strive harder and harder to get more personalized in their marketing efforts and zero-in on their potential customers. Each platform serves as a vertical of its own in the digital marketing industry with millions of dollars’ worth of ad spend.

Digital Marketing Industry in India

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. It all began at around the same time when the rest of the world started adapting to digital media. But what made it the industrial mammoth it is today, is the ‘Digital India’ initiative launched by Shri Narendra Modi at the start of his first term as Prime Minister of India. Digital India drove people to choose digital payments over cash-based ones, mostly via mobile-based UPI apps. Due to this, India witnessed a dramatic upsurge in smartphone users, which fostered a more thriving environment for digital marketers.

Here are some latest stats that will give you a more concrete perspective;

  • As of 2020, there are more than 400 million social media users in India
  • As of 2018, there are at least 40 million new internet users every year in India
  • Close to 330 million people shop for goods via eCommerce websites
  • By 2023, 75% of all Google searches in India will be voice-based

Digital marketing plays a huge role in every major industry in India. It’s a core part of the marketing strategy for every enterprise, business or start-up. It is estimated that digital ad spends in India will be worth around 19 Crores by the end of this year. The digital marketing industry itself is estimated to be valued at approx. 19,000 crores by this year, out of which mobile is expected to take 60% of the share. Doing a specialization course, like a search engine optimization course, can easily get you a job with an average pay of 3-4 lacs per annum.

Why Digital Marketing?

Even though traditional marketing is relatable to a wider audience and less complex, why does digital take the lead in this race?
Digital creates a better experience for both the consumer and the marketer. Let’s take ROI for example. A marketer’s biggest concern is tracking the ROI on every ad spend, which is just impossible with traditional means. Digital makes everything trackable and makes it super easy to quantify every metric. Digital opens up all kinds of doors to personalize ad content to an extent a consumer can’t even think of! This is what keeps the consumer hooked onto an ad, and compels him/her to take an action.
Marketers get to communicate more effectively; consumers get to respond!

Digital is revolutionizing the way marketers engage with the consumer. Digital has enabled a 2-way channel for consumer and marketers to communicate with each other. This enables an enriching experience for the consumer, as he/she feels more significant in the process and the marketer gets to target the consumer in a highly effective way.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Tradition Marketing

1. Less cost:

Traditional channels like newspaper ads, TV ads and radio ads cost a lot as the number of options and media space is limited.

2. Real-time updates:

Every action is accounted for and every detail can be recorded and analysed further. Digital platforms enable marketers to track and monitor the performance of their ads in real-time and make ad-hoc adjustments to their campaigns in case if something doesn’t work.

3. Better engagement:

From customized mobile ads to targeted emailers, digital marketing allows marketers to create a unique world of personalized ads as per every individual’s taste so that the reaction is more positive and the probability of conversion is more.

4. Quick:

Just click the button and your ads are everywhere! On digital platforms, everything happens instantly. As soon as you publish something on a platform, people can start viewing it right then and start sharing the ads.

5. Easy setup:

Setting up a digital marketing arm for any brand is quite easy. Digital marketing operations don’t require a heavy investment and the setup can be done in no time. All you need is a basic creative team and a digital team who will handle the performance and ad postings.

The Need for Digital Marketing in Today’s Life

Just like our basic school education [Social Sciences, English, Mathematics), that prepared us for a career of our choice, digital marketing is fast becoming a part of the basic educational pre-requisites of the 21st century. So a specialization course, like social media marketing course, is equivalent to any specialization taken with a typical under-graduate course.

No matter what work you do, you are continuously interacting with the digital world and doing a little bit of digital marketing every day in some capacity. Posting a snap, a story or uploading a video on TikTok… these are all ways of marketing yourself in the digital world. So the question remains, why learn digital marketing at all?

Importance of Digital Image Building

For Personal Life:

Marketing your personality is the key to grabbing the attention of people. Just imagine, every morning you post a video about some professional tips or some exercise tips… people would see that and be inspired to do it. And if it works for them, they become your potential followers. People love engaging themselves with things that interest them or inspire them. The more engaging your posts are, the more viral they get.

When you post something, you are telling them about something great, something that will change their lives! But posting content just for the sake of it won’t get you anywhere. You need a digital strategy. Every popular brand, celebrity or public figure you see on social media, is thriving only because of their powerful content strategies.

Benefits of using digital marketing in your personal life;

1. Gain social respect:

Digital marketing opens up an opportunity to talk and express ourselves freely to others and build the image we’ve always wanted to build in front of them.

2. Stay aware:

Stay in touch with the latest trends in technology, politics, culture and society.

Develop personal interests:

Digital is a world of fascinating things happening every now and then. You can easily get to meet like-minded people and discover new hobbies that you can take up in your free time.

For Professional Life:

Apart from your core job skills, it’s extremely crucial to keep working on your soft skills like communication skills, writing skills, presentation skills etc. These skills help you become more likeable and presentable in social situations. Digital media gives everyone an equal and unbiased opportunity of improving their soft skills, becoming more articulate in their thought processes and gaining more visibility.

Benefits of digital marketing in your professional life;

1. Freelancing opportunities:

Once you complete a certification course, like a Facebook digital marketing course, you can become an expert in that field by gaining a little experience, and become eligible to earn as a freelancer.

2. Build an identity:

Talk about your job role, your vision for your organization and interact with communities on platforms like LinkedIn, Quora and Facebook, who share the same interests.

3. Get better job opportunities:

The digital world puts in you in touch with people you thought you could never interact with. Keep an updated profile across various platforms and stay active on digital media, and you will come across exciting new opportunities.

For Business Owners:

For any business owner, hard work is always the key to success. You shall prevail if you have the dedication and commitment towards your goals. But what does hard work mean in today’s digital times? Your blood and sweat are not enough to keep your business going after all. Your business needs to breathe and live in the digital world, as it does in the physical one.

Today, people think of the internet as ‘The go-to Market’ for finding all the goods and services they are looking for. Online marketplaces have become a new reality for people today. When people search for a product or even a store near their house, the first thing they do is Google it. So even if you’re an offline business, you still need to communicate your message in the online world, which is telling your customers that “you have what they are looking for!” Digital marketing is the only way you can do justice to all your entrepreneurial struggles and keep the business afloat in today’s time.

Here are 5 things you can do via digital marketing as a business owner;

1. Interact with customers:

Digital platforms like social media platforms allow you to gauge customer sentiments and understand their thought processes, as you can interact with them in real-time.

2. Generate Leads:

Digital marketing is way more efficient in prompting consumers to take an action or follow a CTA, as the ad experience is much better on digital platforms. This way, you can generate more leads through digital marketing.

3. Keep up with competitors:

Despite being such a vast universe in nature, digital is still a very close-knit community in general. You can learn from a variety of competitors and amp up your marketing game accordingly.

4. Get cheaper conversions:

The best part of digital marketing is that it’s free. It’s free to build your brand and increase engagement. You can also use the low-cost paid marketing tools that can increase your brand visibility and get you more conversions in a smaller budget. You can learn all this by taking up a Google AdWords certification course.

5. Reach mobile users:

Digital marketing allows you to target a specific set of customers [mobile only] using content and strategies optimized for a mobile-friendly experience.

Career Scope in Digital Marketing:

Digital is all around you. It is bigger than the physical world we live in. Online platforms account for most of the ads we see every day and are even customized to our taste. Once we see something we like, we are bound to keep seeing an ad for the same product across the internet. It’s so subtle that we don’t even realize that our decisions are getting influenced by it. Now ask yourself this, if this is true, there must be a million others getting influenced like this. And if this happens daily, then digital marketing must be an actual business with tons of money behind it, right? Yes, it surely is.

Every business needs digital marketing to survive in today’s competitive market as what you see on the internet is what matters. Companies usually have an in-house team or hire an agency to do their digital marketing. This team comprises of various roles for which, one needs to take up specific courses, like Google Ads course, and get familiar with various platforms and tools, to be fit for the role.

A Look at Typical Job Roles in Digital Marketing

1. Social Media Marketer:

A social media marketer’s job is to popularize the brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, via interesting content strategies and fun engagements.

Scope for this type of a job?
Skilled social media marketers in India can easily demand a salary of up to 15 lacs per annum, with just 2 years of experience.

2. Email Marketer:

An email marketer’s job is to create powerful email strategies, that strengthens the brand’s presence, creates a bond with potential customers and compels people to buy their products.

Demand for email marketers?
At least 1.5 lakh new jobs are created every year in email marketing, for both freshers and experienced marketers. An email marketing certification course makes you eligible for an entry level job in this category.

3. Search Engine Optimization Expert:

SEO experts are responsible for getting the website optimized, in terms of content and design, for search quality engine results, and maintain those ranks by implementing innovative strategies.

Demand for an SEO expert like?
The demand for SEO professionals is expected to go up to 20 lacs in the year 2020. An SEO training course is the most sought after digital marketing courses in today’s date.

4. PPC Expert:

PPC, or pay-per-click, is the concept which governs paid ads on all digital platforms. The role of a PPC expert is to formulate effective ad campaigns that can be run across the internet

How much do PPC experts make?
A PPC professional can easily command a salary of 3-4 lacs per annum, just by getting certified by an institute.

5. Content Marketer:

A content marketer’s job is to create [write] highly interesting and engaging content in the form of blogs, social media posts or website copy, to attract online audiences to prompt them to take an action.

Demand for content marketers?
Content writer is the most searched profile online with the number of requirements increasing at a staggering rate of 1171 per cent, year on year. A content marketing certification course is typically required for this job.

Who can be a Digital Marketer?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a working professional, a student or a housewife, digital marketing is for anyone wanting to do something meaningful using the power of digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. It can be anything, you can either write articles to promote brands, work for their Google rankings or work for their paid ad campaigns.

Before you question your eligibility, you need to ask yourself whether you’re actually interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing! Digital marketing is a field where every professional develops his/her unique way of doing things and explores their own creative ways of getting a task done. The skills and knowledge are secondary! Its more about the way you use your knowledge, how well you apply yourself and unleash your hidden talents.

Learning digital marketing

The journey to becoming a digital marketing pro starts with understanding. To be an expert and do things in your fun ways, your basic foundations must be strong, you have crystal clear clarity on every concept and have gone through extensive practical training. That being said, learning is, of course, the very first step.

Learning Online vs Learning at a Digital Institute:

As the digital marketing industry gets older and older, the proliferation of online study material and academic resources is inevitable. It’s true that one can easily acquire a lot of quality study resources and guides from the internet and study the whole thing on their own. This is great for someone just interested in learning digital marketing. But when it comes to pursuing a career in digital marketing, you need to study in an environment where you are nurtured by experts and your skills are honed carefully with in-depth theoretical teachings and comprehensive hand-on training. This is your life and it would behove you to take a more serious approach by considering a certified digital marketing institute.

Here are 5 basic advantages of studying at a digital marketing institute:

  • Standardized Academic Curriculum
  • High-quality tech Infrastructure
  • Expert Trainers
  • Placement Opportunities
  • Networking

Courses in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, one can take up a specialized course like a content marketing course, or go for a complete course that includes everything. That being said, let’s take a brief look at what you’ll learn under each course.

Search Engine Optimization Course:

SEO is one of the most difficult areas of digital marketing as securing good rankings end up taking years of good work. Being one of the most sought after courses in today's time, an SEO training course involves the studying of the following topics;

  • Keywords & keyword planning
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Search campaign building
  • Using Google Ad manager platform
  • Google Analytics
  • Listing creation

Social Media Marketing Course

This course explores the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You’ll be taught how to strategize campaigns as per each platform’s unique guidelines, monitor ad performance and use the sponsored ads feature for each platform.

The topics that will be included in most social media courses are;

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Report management
  • Ad monitoring and performance boosting

Search Engineer Marketing/Pay-per-click (PPC)

PPC is a concept that governs all the paid ad campaigns that are run across the internet. Whether it’s a search engine site, Facebook or YouTube, all paid campaigns follow a standard rule of Pay-per-click, which means the marketer will pay for every time the ad gets clicked by a visitor. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the study of PPC which is dedicated only to paid ads run on search engine sites like Google

Topics that are included in most SEM courses

  • Google Ad Sense
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Budget creation & ad spends
  • Ad Bidding

Email Marketing Course:

An email marketing training course takes you through all the fundamentals of strategizing email campaigns and managing email data. This will teach how to utilize automated softwares to build customized emailing lists, develop campaigns, design email templates and schedule emails.

Topics that are included in most email marketing courses;

  • Emailing software/tools
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Email writing
  • Creating digital emailers

Content Marketing Course:

Content marketing deals with the development of the creative content that is to be used in the ads, promotion materials and website layouts. This is a purely creative field where one gets trained on how to build their creative writing skills and use them to increase product awareness, increase brand likability and encourage buying behaviour.

Topics that are included in a typical content marketing course;

  • Google ads copywriting
  • Website copy & content writing
  • Blog & article writing
  • Corporate, brand book & activation material writing
  • Social media copywriting

Start Learning Digital Marketing

Do you feel that you have the passion and drive to pursue digital marketing as a career option? Then you shall start your journey on the right note. Get enrolled yourself in any digital institute nearby your area. In order to this right, shortlist a few institutes that are convenient for you [area, batch time etc.] and start registering for the demo lectures offered by them. These are usually free of cost and can tell you a great deal about the quality of education, infrastructure and training they can offer. Once you are content with a particular institute, you can then register for a basic or an advanced course.

Digital Knowledge Factory, (DKF) is the first full-fledged school for digital marketing where experts and gurus of digital marketing are at the helm of teaching our students. If you are looking digital marketing classes in Pune, then DKF is the right place for you. We have basic courses for people who are absolutely new to digital marketing. Then we have higher-level courses for people who have found their field of interest and want to explore digital marketing further.

Want to learn more about how digital marketing can help you build a strong profile?