Why Content Marketing is the King of all Marketing Tactics?

Why content marketing is the king of all marketing tactics

When customers see an ad, they only see a message that the brand is trying to communicate to them. A message that is captivating enough to grab their attention, but not the answer to the burning questions they have about the product. Ads can be satisfying to watch as they can provide momentary happiness to consumers, though it’s not enough to make the consumer feel confident about the purchase he/she is wanting to make.

Feeling confident is more important than feeling happy!

For a consumer, temporary happiness can be very affecting when it’s about buying a product which does not require any prior planning, like eating a burger! Although, when it comes to buying a product that requires any planning or thought behind the purchase, consumers don’t just want to feel happy, they want to be confident that they are indeed making the right decision. This is only possible when a consumer is well-informed and educated about the product. It requires extensive information that is not possible to convey with just an eye-catching ad… it requires good content!

Content marketing- Happiness through informed purchases.

Content marketing is the creation of highly informative content media that can be shared online on various platforms. These content resources are designed to either educate a reader about the importance of using a particular product, highlight its advantages or provide a perspective for potential buyers. As a brand, when your content starts to educate audiences, it makes them confident about their purchases which in turn makes them trust your content. At the end, you are making them feel happy about the fact that they are making purchases based on concrete information and not just their feelings.

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Here are a few examples of how content can be developed for different digital platforms;

  1. 1. Blogs/Articles for websites
  2. 2. Short videos for social media sites
  3. 3. Newsletters and emailers
  4. 4. Infographics & case studies
  5. 5. Data-driven reports
  6. 6. Webinars or podcasts

As you can tell, there are a variety of ways to educate customers and generate leads through content. An informed potential client is that much closer to becoming a paying customer, than a regular potential client is. As you learn digital marketing, you will discover that a good content strategy can make millions of customers depend on a brand’s content resources, as they will keep coming back for more knowledge and insight.

That being said, here is a list of benefits of using content marketing;

1. Create Long-Term Value Customers:

When you take the effort of educating consumers, talking about their problems and their needs, consumers are bound rely on your expertise and suggestions regarding products. People will start trusting your brand more and more as you are helping them find the right product.

2. SEO Rankings:

SEO rankings are critical when it comes to digital marketing. Optimizing your website content is not enough in today’s competitive times to get the top ranks. Having additional content web pages that are optimized for specific keywords can be extremely beneficial for getting better SEO rankings.

3. Enhanced Social Media Interaction:

Along with the fun bites, trivia and funky creatives, people also prefer seeing something that offers them information about a particular product or market. Social media sites today are littered with ads [mostly sponsored] which often end up irritating people. Seeing informative posts, videos or stories can be quite refreshing for people and can garner quality attention.

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4. Better Back linking:

How can you get other websites to direct quality traffic to your website? Back linking! Posting good content on authoritative third party websites along with a back link to your website can drive high volumes of quality traffic. Most digital institutes cover this topic in their content marketing course.

5. Brand Awareness:

Building a brand takes a lot of time and a lot of money! People need to acknowledge and accept the value offered by the brand, as naturally as possible. What better way to use content marketing to educate potential consumers and create an ever-lasting awareness in their minds! With content, you have a chance to win them over and forge a strong relationship

Content marketing has always been an important part digital marketing, and is going to be an even bigger part as more and more brands acknowledge its true power in terms of generating quality leads and getting faster conversions. To create impactful content pieces or strategies, one must be capable of properly understanding consumer psyche, market trends and industry offerings, along with keeping a close watch on what competitors are dong. You can learn all this by taking up content marketing training courses at any digital marketing institute near you.

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