Your Personal Training is great! But how’s your Personal Branding and Marketing?


Being a personal trainer is really about being personal with the people you work with, or want to work with. You have a unique selling point for your fitness programs; Maybe it’s your workout style, your routines or just fitness tips. People want to know that. But they need to see that first.

Marketing your personality is the key to grabbing the attention of people. Just imagine, every morning you post a video about some diet tips or some exercise tips… people would see that and be inspired to do it. And if it works for them, they become your potential customers.

Take a look at this Instagram post by Devrath Vijay. One of the most successful fitness coaches in India

A short & simple video about maintaining body control. But it looks so amazing and inspiring!

How do such posts help you?

People love engaging themselves with things that interest them or inspire them. The more engaging your posts are, the more viral they get. When you post something, you are telling them about something that is great, something that will transform their lives! And the most important part of the message is, that you are available to teach/train them! Investing in a digital marketing course is one of the best things you can do right now for your career.

What are the benefits of creating a digital presence?

Every fitness trainer has their own niche/specialization that they need to promote. Whether its Pilates, or Cross-Fitness training, your potential customers need to know that there is someone experienced out there who is ready to train them. Start exploring various digital marketing course content materials online to get a perspective on what can you learn.

digital marketing course content 

Here are the direct benefits of digital marketing for personal trainers.

1. Targeted marketing:

Digital allows you to communicate very specific message to a particular demographic or type of audience, that may not be possible to reach in offline world

2. Get more leads:

There currently over 3 Billion active social media accounts and people are becoming more and more active on it. A good and interesting post can get you quality followership which in turn, gets you quality leads for your business.

3. Start earning online:

Once you have a respectable presence online, you can start conducting online training sessions via videos or live video chats. This can be truly helpful for you as it’s cost-effective and helps you increase your client base exponentially.

4. Become a thought leader:

What you say will eventually spread around. But when you start offering valuable and meaningful information/advice/tips to the audiences, your influence will definitely increase. People will actively seek your advice and follow all your digital activities. What you say will become a trend, what you do will become a sensation.

5. Quality Interaction:

When you post something online or just create a profile, you are opening up a channel for people to communicate freely with you.  You can ask for their opinions, suggestions or feedback on something. This way, you can really understand their mind-set and feel the pulse of the market.

These are the fundamental benefits of going digital. There is always more depending on how seriously you do it. There are hundreds of celebrity fitness trainers in India who have massive follower ship and have become masters in promoting themselves on digital platforms.

To get a better perspective on what digital marketing has to offer for digital trainers, I have made a short video highlighting the benefits and summarizing the crux of this blog. Watch it here.

Let’s take Instagram. Here are some examples of celebrity Indian trainers with huge followings on Instagram

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