Current Openings


DKF is a place where work & play are intertwined to form a conducive environment for our students to thrive. With us, individuals will learn the most important concepts of digital marketing. In order to impart them knowledge we are on the lookout for modern day teachers who have a unique style of teaching. If you are an off-the-hook individual looking to redefine the age-old norms of teaching with your quirky antiques, we are looking for you!

Work Culture

Our team is populated with data jugglers, doodlers, dreamers, and of course doers. Some of us like our coffees cold while some of us rely on a good hot chai to rev up our engines but the matter of the fact is that we are as serious about our work as we are about our choice of beverage. Yeah.
We are folks inspired by pop culture, techy things, emerging marketing wheezes, internet of things, Mother Nature, well basically, everything under the sun. We are that proverbial jack who has found an optimal balance between work and play. We would love for you to join our super energetic and ever-growing brood of creative samurais.

Employee Testimonials


We were young fledglings once and were looking for that one chance that would help us get our foot in the door. That’s what we are doing now. Giving a chance to all you bright-eyed and enthusiastic fresh grads who want to get a feel of working in the real corporate world. On the one hand, our ethos and outlook will equip you to deal with the challenges of the demanding field of digital marketing while on the other hand, our social activities will show you how work and play can truly exist in harmony with each other. Here’s to learning and teaching!

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