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Being a teacher is one of the noblest pursuits in life. Teaching is just a medium… You are practically changing and shaping the lives of your students! Futures are built at the hands of the teachers. And that’s definitely something to pride on.

Talking about your skills, your methods or even your little accomplishments for that matter can create exposure for yourself. It’s a genuine way of telling people that what you do helps and that you are effective as an educator.  A teacher’s true measure of success can be determined from the social respect and authority he/she has.  Both students and parents heavily rely on social proof before placing their trust in any teacher.  It’s very straightforward, as your image is the only thing that can help gain recognition in the society.

Social recognition through digital marketing

Social recognition is a hard nut to crack these days. We live in a digital world where there are thousands of people talking about themselves, boasting about their accomplishments, skills and all the jazz. Keeping your digital marketing game strong is the key to advancing professionally as a teacher. People want to see proof of your actions, your credit and your abilities before they give you their vote of confidence. Whether you are a school/college teacher or an independent professional, digital marketing works equally well for both kinds. A digital marketing course can really turn around things for you.

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Ways to go Digital!

With various advancements in digital marketing, there are n number of ways to make people acknowledge your profile. Taking courses like the search engine optimization course, can really give you a solid perspective. From sharing study tips on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, to sharing videos of extracurricular activities on YouTube, you can engage your audience in many creative ways. Start a series where you talk about best practices while studying for exams. Create or curate short study materials and share it with your students in the network or maybe just share opinions on online articles, that highlights your passion for the subjects you teach. All this will slowly help you build a strong network and your reputation as a genuine, competent and friendly educator.

Here are the direct benefits of using digital marketing as an educator

Creating Visibility:

When you have online profiles, you have clear visibility. You are seen regularly on peoples phones and laptops. And this gives you an edge over others as you get to build an impression with whatever you post or talk about.

Becoming Independent:

Marketing yourself helps you build your own credit, even if you're employed somewhere. You are regarded as an experienced professional, a person who cares about what’s going on and is capable of listening to his/her students. This will help you create your own following and in turn, create opportunities for self-employment.

Understanding Students:

Social media opens you up to the world around you. It is the most effective tool for feeling the pulse of society. You get to interact with students, parents and other educators, discuss on various academic topics and get real-time feedback on whatever you post. This helps you truly listen to the people around you and understand what students desire career-wise.

Gain Recognition:

Maybe you have a unique teaching technique, or maybe you conducted some fun activity for your students… you get to talk about it to everyone in your network! This way, people get to hear about your accomplishments and can truly gauge your teaching proficiency, so that your credit can get better and better. This can also lead to landing better job opportunities in your field.

Teach Online:

Once you have a strong following on your digital platforms, you can consider starting an online practice where you can teach students through online videos or live video-chats. This can be a game-changing opportunity for you as its highly cost-effective and gives you more free time on your hands.

digital marketing institute in pune

Digital marketing comes with a lot of benefits. From ranking in top on popular search engines like Google / Youtube to becoming an influencing teacher on social platforms with thousands & lakhs of followers, the sky is truly the limit. If you are passionate about what you do, if you really believe in transforming your students’ lives and want to be known for that, it’s time to start transforming your personal image. Digital is the way forward… learn digital marketing today and conquer the digital landscape.

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